Excellence in
Advanced Program Design
Join us on September 25th, 26th & 27th
Cosnett Training Systems, Carrum Downs, Victoria

Excellence in Advanced Program Design

The Excellence in Advanced Program Design course takes a leap forward from our level 1, Principles of Advanced Program Design Seminar. We discuss further advanced topics pertaining to Program Design, and look at both the theoretical and practical applications of advanced methods, like cluster training, eccentric and isometric training,  and accommodating resistance implements in bands and chains.

Where the level 1, Principles of Advanced Program Design Seminar, focuses on developing an advanced, but easy to implement framework to act as a launchpad for future programming, this course looks at how to finely tune each program, exercise, set and rep to the client at hand, making full utilisation of cutting edge methods.

Advanced training needs use of Advanced Methods. Deciding when and how to use  half, dual and tri weekly micro cycles, lift specific accessory movements, modified strongman training as well as athlete specific training is no mean feat. But our Excellence in Program Design course, covers all this, and more.  

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Over the course of Dale’s career, he has coached hundreds of trainees, from Personal Trainers to National Record holders in powerlifting. Along with being one of Australia's most talented Coach's, he is also an accomplished soft tissue Treatment Specialist, having worked with a vast range of clients, from patients requiring full knee replacements, to performance enhancement for world champion cyclists. 

With a formal tertiary education in Exercise Science, Dale has also studied extensively under the world’s best practitioners in Strength Training, Functional Nutrition and Soft Tissue treatment. As evident from his professional development list, his education is one of the best in the Australia. He has studied directly under such names as Charles Poliquin, Andre Benoit, Wolfgang Unsold, Stephane Cazeault, Daine McDonald, Dietmar Schmidtbleicher and Yves Nadeau.

His unique skill set enables him to provide quicker results to his clients, who often approach him after limited success with other practitioners. Dale has also become highly regarded for his work with Personal Training companies, drawing on his knowledge as a successful facility owner and founder of multiple businesses. Currently, he is much sought out by trainers and coach's for mentoring and education, as well as athletic training.

Dale's extensive professional development record includes the following:

Poliquin level 1 & 2 theory and technical components – 2011 
Active Release Techniques Spine 3 day seminar – 2012 
Active Release Techniques Lower Extremities 3 day seminar – 2013 
Yves Nadeau Energy systems training for team sports 1 day seminar - 2014 
Advanced Nutritional design for PT’s, Clean Health, 1 day seminar – 2015 
Whole Body certification, Discover Massage, 2 day course – 2015 
Strength Sensei BioPrint – 3 day seminar – 2015 
Clean Health Fitness Institute Inutrition Pro – level 1, 1 day seminar – 2015  
Clean Health Fitness Institute Inutrition Pro – level 2, 2 day seminar – 2015  
Active Release Techniques Upper Extremities 3 day seminar – 2016 
Andre Benoit Hypertrophy Academy 4 day seminar – 2016 
Strength Sensei Kinetic Chain Enhancement Torso 2 day seminar – 2016 
Strength Sensei Kinetic Chain Enhancement Upper Extremities 2 day seminar – 2016 
Strength Sensei Kinetic Chain Enhancement Lower Extremities 2 day seminar – 2016 
Strength Sensei Advance Program Design 3 day seminar – 2016 
Bob Gueil The Human Alphabet 3 day seminar – 2016 
Andrew Lock Lower Back Rehabilitation 2 day seminar – 2016 
Clean Health Fitness Institute Nutritional design for PT’s level 1 1 day seminar – 2017 
Clean Health Fitness Institute Building the Ultimate PT Business 1 day seminar – 2017 
The Unknown Strength Institute GPP for Fighters 1 day seminar – 2017 
Clean Health Fitness Institute Performance PT Coach Certification Level 1 – 2018 
Clean Health Fitness Institute Performance PT Coach Certification Level 2 – 2018 
Meister Athlete Training the Athlete 1 day seminar – 2018 
Frequency Specific Microcurrent Core Course – 2018 
Strength Sensei Biomechanical Assessment 2 day seminar – 2018 
Strength Sensei Mastery of Program Design 3 day seminar – 2018 
Strength Sensei Neural Profile Based Program Design 3 day seminar – 2018 
Strength Sensei Metabolic Analytics 3 day seminar – 2018 
Kilo Strength Society 5 Day private internship – 2019 
Posture Pro Brain Certification - 2020
High Performance Training Academy

When I first saw Dale lecture I was gobsmacked. Dale gives you the inside information that takes coaches from average, to master, in a matter of hours, explaining ideas and concepts very easily with the use of a white board and his words. Extracting Dale’s knowledge will give you the ultimate brain gains you need to improve yourself as a trainer and earn more money.

 Mitch Potts  
Senior Coach, Body Seek Personal Training

I have known and worked with Dale for 3 years now, studying his coaching methods extensively over that timeframe. There is no one in the industry I would recommend higher in terms of education, not only with his knowledge on anything health and fitness, but also his ability to make everything relatable to his students. There is no one in the industry I would recommend more for furthering your education and coaching skills.

 Russell Stockdale
Head Coach, Maine Fitness

Friday September 25 
8am - 12 Noon
Utilisation of Advanced Schemes for Muscular Growth, Strength Gains and Fat Loss. 
Strength training variables are the key component to creating an adaptation that is predictable, and of the type needed, whether that's Maximal Strength gains, increases in Hypertrophy or creating a Fat Loss effect.

Most trainers and coach's implement schemes that are either too basic, or too advanced for their clients needs. Advanced clients require advanced schemes, but this also requires a greater understanding of the underlying principles, and a closer eye to the subtle variations required.

However, there a million decisions regarding Sets, Reps, Rest Periods, Tempo, Loading, Training Splits and Frequency to consider. For example....

In this section, we will answer such questions as

How to determine the appropriate total weekly, and session, volume for clients?
How to implement highly advanced training splits, and multi body part rotation micro-cycles 
How to implement intensive training methods, like Cluster training, Ratchet loading, Maximal isometrics and Supra-maximal Eccentrics
How and when to utilize differing training styles, for a given outcome, with clients with differing fibre make up
How to specifically design and structure Superset, Triset, Giant set, Heavy/light, Pre/Post Exhaustion, Drop set, and Rest Pause Training methods. 

In this lecture, Dale sets the record straight with radical, yet easy to understand theories and principles, allowing you to quickly make decisions on the perfect loading parameters for every single one of your clients. 
1pm - 3.30pm
Advanced Client assessment protocols: Physiological assessments, Strength testing, length/tension testing & Body Composition 
Designing advanced schemes for clientele relies on the appropriate information to base decisions on. For example, a fast twitch individual may look exactly the same as his or her slower twitch counterpart, but the optimum programs may be completely different. Knowing how to test someone's physiology, psychology and anatomy, to gain all the required information to accurately prescribe every rep, set, rest, tempo and exercise for optimum results is an invaluable skill. 

In this lecture, Dale will outline all the key components surrounding proper assessment, including the following

Flexibility norms, for the shoulder, spine, hip, knee and ankle joints
How to test each muscle group, lift and overall system, for muscle fibre makeup, and neurological efficiency
How to diagnose weak muscle groups, and identify limiting factors
How to change the assessment criteria, based on training requirements or sport
3.45pm - 5pm
Training Session 1: Relative Strength/Hypertrophy Workout
Knowing the theory behind proper program design is one thing, but knowing how to apply it in person, adjusting variables like load, the number of sets, and total volume for each session is another.

Students will be put through a gruelling Relative Strength & Functional Hypertrophy Training session, experiencing the theory learnt during day one in a practical setting. Students will experience the training based off there own assessment criteria, with changes being made to suit there results.
5pm - 6.30pm
Wrap up and Q & A
For 90 minutes, Dale will cover all points that where presented during Day 1, and answer any questions or queries. 
Saturday 26th September
8am - 12am
Advanced Exercise Selection and execution
Using Speciality Compound Lifts, Assistance exercises and Advanced Remedial/Rehab/Prehab movements
Day 1 of the Excellence Advanced Program Design course will focus on the underlying theory to high advanced training successful. In Day 2, we will further refine the focus applying subtle changes that make a great difference in end result. 

Here, we will look at exercise prescription and adjusting lifting techniques to the information gained during the assessment's component on Day 1.
For example, ascertaining optimal squat mechanics, determining remedial shoulder exercise requirements based on periodisation of pressing movements, and how to adjust special exercise variations to correct compound movement weaknesses.
1pm -  3.30pm 
Advanced Periodisation Concepts and Application
Applying various models to GPP, SPP, Competition, Taper phases etc
Designing an optimum training program is no mean feat. But it takes a truly great coach to create program after program, that seamlessly varies the key parameters in a way that avoids excessive fatigue, stagnation, and injury, as well as ensures continual progress towards the end goal. 

The optimum use of periodisation is exactly this, and in this lecture Dale will provide great insight into the most valuable periodisation models to use. Where the periodisation section of our level 1, Principles of Advanced Program Design Course focuses on the underlying theory, here we will concentrate on fine tuning all aspects of program to program variation and long term planning. 

How to adjust Micro, Meso and Macrocycles in length and type for optimal results
How to apply information gained during the assessment to determine the optimal periodisation model 
How to adjust periodisation schemes based on intra cycle results
How to set up general and specific preparation phases for athletic purposes.

This information will be applied across Strength, Hypertrophy, Athletic and Fat Loss goals.  
3.30pm - 5pm 
Training Session 2: Hypertrophy 
 Students will be put through a grueling high repetition training session, designed specifically hypertrophy gains. Attendees will experience the training based off there own assessment criteria, with changes being made to suit there results.
5pm - 6pm
Program Design Case study and Q&A
In isolation, without the information tying it together, each program design variable has limited use. Here, the students will be tasked with designing a long term scheme, integrating all the variables discussed in both the Principles of Advanced Program Design and Excellence in Advanced Program Design courses. 
Sunday 26th September
8am - 11.30am 
Practical uses of special methods and implements
 In this practical component, Dale will take the students through the usage of special methods, implements and additives to advanced training protocols.

The following will be explained in depth, with students being briefed on the theory and methodology, before experiencing the methods first hand. 

Yielding and Overcoming Isometrics, as well as functional Isometric and Isometronic training
Supra-Maximal and Sub-Maximal Eccentric training. 
Partial Range of Motion Training
Plyometric, Strength/Speed & Speed/Strength Methods
Eccentric-less training Methods
Modified Strongman Training
Fat Implement Training
Accommodating Resistance Training
Olympic Lifting Variations  

 11.30am - 1pm 
Training Session 3: Fat loss + Metabolic Conditioning
 Students will be put through a gruelling Fat Loss/Metabolic Conditioning session. Here, students will be at hand coaching, ensuring that the trainees adhere to strict rest intervals, Work/Rest Ratios, as well as determining the appropriate training structure, reps, sets as well as exercise selection.

 2pm - 5.30pm 
Advanced Program Design session
 Students will be asked to design several long term programs utilizing the concepts taught in both the Principles of Advanced Program Design and Excellence in Advanced Program Design seminar. 

Here, Dale will allow the students free reign in designing there long term programs, but will be on hand to correct any flaws, give suggestions on improvements, and discuss possible variations. 

 5.30pm - 6.30pm 
Wrap up, Q & A
 Here, Dale will highlight some of the student's misunderstood concepts, clear up any confusion, and hone the attendees program writing ability to a fine art. 

Students will also have the ability to pick Dale's brain on any topic they wish, from recovery and regeneration, to business development, to advanced nutritional protocols.  
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